T-Tune B-Type Harmonic Bridge Saddles “Twang” Complete Kit


B-Type: With an extra groove to improve string stability. Suitable for B-Bender, Bigsby-Vibrato, Toploader guitars and for anyone that needs/uses heavier/stronger string resistance. The groove for the low E is a bit wider and can handle strings up to 0.56″ gauge.

Complete Kit includes:

1x B-Type Harmonic Bridge “TWANG” Saddle (Aluminum)

2x B-Type Harmonic Bridge Saddles (Brass), incl. Intonation Screws and Springs
6x Height adjust screw short (5/16″=apx 7,94mm)
6x Height adjust screw middle (3/8″=apx 9,53 mm)
6x Height adjust screw long (7/16″=apx 11,11 mm)

1x Allen Key (1/16″)